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storms is hitting california this morning. our coverage begins with abc's larry jacobs. >> reporter: spring is less than a month away. during the last week of february in chicago, it feels like january with morning temperatures plunging below 0. hats and gloves still selling in stores. >> showcasing what is left of the winter gear and appropriately displaying the summer gear. >> reporter: flood warnings and advisories across illinois and indiana where ice jams are sending rivers over their banks. >> chunks of ice out here, you know, they are thick. and they are just destroying whatever they crossed. >> reporter: despite dropping temperatures, search will resume for a missing man whose boat capsized in an ice-jammed river in central illinois. >> with ice, cold temperatures, very difficult. there's not a whole lot of open water. in the area where the victim was. and a lot of, you know, difficult stuff to deal with. >> reporter: southern california's bracing for the worst downpours in months. homeowners in foot hills outside los angeles are taking no chances because mudslides are a big
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1